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waste yrself

by teen suicide

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its in rarities but here you can download it here too if you want it on its own


released June 21, 2012



all rights reserved


teen suicide Maryland

now known as "king salmon: fish god"
sam ray & sean mercer
signed to run for cover records.

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Track Name: lonely boy goes to a rave
all his friends are hanging out
doing stuff without him now
no girlfriend he’s alone
feeling sad feeling down
lonely boy has a plan
to take some drugs to make new friends
go to a rave where he can be
surrounded by the people he wants to be
Track Name: benzo
i can’t remember my dreams
when i was young i never had any fun
Track Name: haunt me (x 3)
i wanna be haunted
i wanna be loved
i want a lot of friends and
a lot of drugs
i wanna be haunted
i won’t leave my bed
i won’t go crazy and
i won’t get sad
so haunt me haunt me haunt me ooo
Track Name: everything is going to hell
everything i like is going to hell
and everyone i like is living in hell
i’ve got no use for friends
only connections
give me what i want and leave me alone
and in five years from now i’ll be living in hell
in ten years from now i might as well be dead
when i wake up at night i am floating above
the sheets on my bed
i’ve got no use for time
i’ve got enough
give me what i want and leave me alone
Track Name: falling in love
i got out of my car
i could have fallen down in the yard
and looked up at the stars
but i don’t like stars
and i don’t know where you are
and all i ever knew about falling in love was wrong
i went inside
and fell down on my bed
i could have hit my head
on a million different things
but it’s not my time to die
and all i ever knew about falling in love was wrong
Track Name: salvia plath
you said you hate yourself
so let me feed you strawberries off a plate i bought from a widow who was selling her husbands things
and we'll see if you still hate yourself
if you still hate yourself
i'll eat you out for an hour in your room cause i love giving head
if you still hate yourself
we'll cut ourselves and swallow chunks of broken glass i don't care about finishing college
i'll buy the biggest tv that my credit card allows me we'll watch the food network for the rest of our lives
Track Name: doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2
stay in bed, sometimes turning to my right, until i close my eyes
this is not a song about sleep or death, it’s about something much smaller and paler than that
i’m not going to show it to my friends.
cause when i came home i’d lost thirty something pounds,
i didn’t leave my bed, i threw up in a bathroom in baltimore
before dancing with a girl i’ll probably never talk to again.
we won’t be friends.
and i won’t be nice to anyone because i don’t see why i should.
i don’t see the point, i won’t get clean for the rest of my life.
i won’t be nice
Track Name: we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (acoustic)
i don’t want to go to sleep
and i don’t want to dream
on a table or on the floor
in a car outside at night in the snow
waking up in someone else’s bed
something tells me i’m losing my head
i don’t want to leave
just dye my hair and sleep
the world is ending in my dreams
every week for the last few years
when it really ends they’ll fill my body with flames
you and i will be a household name